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Woohoo! You made it!


I’m so glad you’re here and are ready to join me in the Post-Halloween Detox Challenge!

We start on Monday, November 4th so it’s almost go-time!

All we have to do is get you set-up and registered in the challenge, and to do that, you just need to follow these three simple steps.

STEP 1: Order your 3-Day Refresh Kit before October 21st.

Click in the image below to get it delivered to your doorstep. You’ll need to create a free Beachbody account to get to checkout.

Click in the image to order your kit before October 21st.

STEP 2: Get your FREE 14-Day Trial to Beachbody on Demand.

Click in the image below to grab your free trial. You can use the same log-in information that you created in Step 1.

In the drop-down menu, be sure to select BOD 3-Month Membership, and you’ll see the price at $0 and the information for the 14-day free trial.


Click in the image to get access to your free 14-day trial!

STEP 3: Join the private Facebook group for members of this challenge!

Here is where all the action will take place, and where you’ll check in daily to stay motivated and accountable and meet other awesome peeps like you who are looking to make a change and disrupt that pattern!

Click in the image below to be taken directly to the Facebook group, where you can request to join.

Your request should be approved within an hour or so during normal business hours if you answered the qualifying questions and have completed Step 1 and 2 above.

Click in the image to go right to the Facebook group!

See you in the challenge!