Episode 34 – How to Combat Shiny Object Syndrome

Do you struggle to commit to a project or venture long enough to see it through to the finish line? Do you find yourself getting excited about a new project or business venture, only to lose interest in it the moment an opportunity comes your way? Do you have multiple, unfinished projects, even though you feel passionate about each one of them? Do you constantly change your career path to see what sticks, all to find your one, true purpose? In this episode, I review some of my wins and losses of 2018, and I share CROP: a new strategy I created that has helped me combat Shiny Object Syndrome in a big way!

Episode 33 – Why How You Dress Still Matters When You WFH – with Christie Ressel

How does what you wear when you work from home impact your motivation, mood and productivity when it comes to your business? Does how you dress even matter when you work from home? This week I chat with Christie Ressel, a Personal Stylist, popular YouTuber and CEO of Fashion Translated. Christie is the go-to expert for style on media outlets across North America such as CTV News, Breakfast Television, Global News, Cosmo TV and many more. On this episode, she makes a case for why what you wear when you work from home actually DOES matter!

Episode 32 - The Challenges of Working from Home – Mistakes, Myths and Misconceptions – with Kim Argetsinger

From Hollywood actress living the movie star dream life to Mindset Coach & Business Mentor, Kim Argetsinger is on a mission to help you get out of your own way and make more money doing what you love. Kim has a lot to say about the beauty and the challenges of making that switch to a home office environment, and she shares with us her wisdom and tips for best practices on this episode.

Episode 30 – 7 Self-Care Habits to Build Now

Many of the entrepreneurs and solopreneurs I meet have a tendency to put their business and work-related tasks at the top of their priority list, resulting in leaving very little or no time for self-care. I count myself among those who struggle to maintain a healthy balance between business tasks or projects, and self-care. That’s why in this episode, I’m going to share with you a list of seven self-care habits I’m working on building. Many of these self-care habits are interconnected, and that’s the beauty of it! You owe it to yourself and your business to start showing up as the best version of you.

Episode 28 – Are You Stuck in Infinite Browsing Mode? – with Pete Davis

Pete Davis is civic reformer from Falls Church, Virginia. As a millennial, Pete’s now infamous commencement speech at Harvard focused on his generation’s defining characteristic – that of being in infinite browsing mode, of keeping options open, of the inability to commit to an idea, a dream or a purpose long enough to see it through. Despite his speech being generation specific, it’s not just millennials that are stuck – this lack of focus and dedication can afflict anyone, no matter your age or current life status.

If your growth as an entrepreneur is stunted by an inability to finish what you start, or perhaps you’re stuck in what some call “analysis paralysis” or the ever-present “Shiny Object Syndrome”, then you don’t want to miss this episode!


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Episode 25 – Taking Care of Business While Taking Care of Your Health – with Michelle Hastie

The theme of body weight and overall health is a delicate one for entrepreneurs, simply because we tend to put much more focus on building our business rather than setting ourselves up for a healthy lifestyle. We take care of our business tasks and others’ needs first and tend to leave our own health to chance or put it off until our bodies are screaming for help.