Episode 001 - What does it mean to mean to raise your frequency?

Hey everyone, I’m your host, Lisa Capri, and in this episode of the Raise Your Frequency Podcast, we’re going to really dive into the concept of what it means to raise your frequency, which is sometimes referred to as raising your vibration. What does this actually mean, and how does it impact us as we strive to move our businesses forward as entrepreneurs?

Today we’re going to meet Caroline Shearer, the founder of Absolute Love Publishing, and best-selling author of several books including “Raise Your Vibration: Tips and Tools for a High-Frequency Life”. As a business owner and author, Caroline will explore with us the concept of the law of attraction, guide us toward finding our highest and greatest purpose in life and in business, and above all, how to raise our frequency in practical, everyday life ways.

In this episode, you’ll learn

  • what it means to raise your vibration
  • why raising your vibration can move your business forward
  • the difference between high vibrational activities and low vibrational activities in your business
  • tips and tricks to raise your vibration for your mind, body and soul

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