Episode 002 - Does spirituality have a place in the entrepreneurial space?

Do you ever wonder if you can be spiritual while still spending most of your time in a fast-paced entrepreneurial space? Is there even a place for spirituality in the business world? Can we separate spirituality from religion in 2018? How has the definition of spirituality changed over time?

To help us answer these questions, in today’s episode we chat with Dr. Domenic Ruso, the founder and lead pastor of The One Eighty Church, located just North of Montreal, Canada. Dr. Ruso has a Master’s Degree in Religion and a PhD in Historical Theology.

Dr. Ruso helps us to define spirituality for ourselves and shows us how incorporating some form of personal and community spirituality into your workplace can actually bring your business to the next level. Dr. Ruso demonstrates through his story of founding The One Eighty Church that much like any other start-up, even the most motivated among us can still find ourselves questioning our true purpose on earth, and whether we’re making the right decisions on a daily basis.

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