Episode 004 - F*$% the fear and get over yourself! - with Romi Neustadt

Have you ever had an idea for a business or a venture that you’re excited about, but for some reason, you haven’t yet taken action on it, or you haven’t fully committed to it? Or maybe as you listen to this episode, you’re actually holding on to an idea that you haven’t given yourself permission to explore yet.

Take this podcast for example. This podcast was something I’d been wanting to create for a really long time, and though I dabbled with the idea and started planning for it, it took me almost two years to actually give myself the permission (in other words, the head space and time) to actually do it.  Why is that?

Could it be that deep down you're not sure how it's going to be received, what others will think, whether they'll like it, hate it, whether you're ready to put yourself out there (AGAIN, or maybe for the first time?)? All these feelings are totally valid and completely normal, and the good news is that they don't last forever. UNLESS you let them. Much of what needs to be done as entrepreneurs are the things that SCARE us, that make us wanna hurl, or that are simply out of our comfort zone. You know, that classic saying that everything great lies outside of our comfort zone. But why is it that we KNOW this, yet we often fail to do anything about it? It might be because we have to learn to just “get over our damn selves”! And that is exactly the title of the best-selling book we’re going to hear about today from author Romi Neustadt.

Get Over Your Damn Self, The No-BS Blueprint to Building a Life-Changing Business” is a must-read book no matter what type of entrepreneur you are, or what kind of business you’re in. Romi calls herself a former corporate chick who was first a lawyer and then a PR executive. Fed up of the billable hour, she left that behind and found huge success through a career in network marketing. In less than three years, she built a 7-figure business with her husband. Her book has consistently ranked #1 on several Amazon lists since its release in 2016.  Romi cuts through the BS and tells us like it is, and that’s why I’m THRILLED to be bringing her wisdom and experience to the podcast today.

In this episode, we learn about why women in business sometimes hold themselves back from truly succeeding. Romi gives us some of her best tips for avoiding the pitfalls that derive from working from home or how to get a non-supportive spouse on board. She even gets us to realize how valuable our time really is, and how to fiercely protect your time.

Finally, Romi tells us like it is, and gets us to understand how fear truly limits our potential.

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“Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…and Others Don’t” By Jim Collins

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