Episode 006 - How do we get rid of bad habits?

Hey there, I’m Lisa Capri and welcome back to the Raise Your Frequency Podcast.

What if you have so many bad habits dragging you down right now, and you don’t know where to begin to make improvements, or to how to go about getting rid of bad habits? In this episode, I want to tackle this very topic, just me and you. You and me. No guest. And I’m going to dig into my past a little for examples of bad habits I acquired, and how I crawled out of them. Well, some of them, anyway! I’m still working on a few, but more on those in another episode.

I’m going to share with you the simple, yet highly effective strategy I use to identify habits that I have that are no longer serving me (or never did), create new ones, and make them stick long term!

In this episode I mention a tool I created to help me do this, and I call it the Habit Modification Playbook. You can grab your FREE copy of it right HERE >>

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