Episode 007 - Don't Quit Your Day Job Until You Do This - with Keenya Kelly

Are you someone who is currently working a day job, but you’re dreaming of doing something else as an entrepreneur, owning your own business? OR, are you working a day job and pushing hard with your side hustle, because it’s what you REALLY want to be doing? Maybe you’re almost there, and you’re a little nervous about how to make that leap from employee to entrepreneur. Well, I’ve got you covered in this episode! You’re not going to want to miss this!

We’re talking to Keenya Kelly, a business and brand consultant for keenyakelly.com, and she’s going to walk us through building a strategic exit plan BEFORE you quit your day job! Keenya’s the CEO of If You brand It, a branding and consulting firm in Houston, Texas, where she helps business owners go from the formulation stage of a business to developing million-dollar brands. 

In this episode, we learn about the SMART way to leave your day job, because without a carefully crafted and strategic exit plan, you can find yourself in hot water, or a ton of debt, before you even get your first clients!

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