Episode 009 – Calm the Chaos & Get Clarity on Your Next Move – with Renée Teller

On this episode, we’re going to dive a little deeper and get a little more raw when it comes to some of the trials and tribulations we can face as entrepreneurs. My guest this week has an incredible story of reaching success in multiple career paths, breaking through barriers in a predominantly male industry, only to have it almost all taken away because of one life’s major curve balls.

Renée Teller, a Life Strategist & Mentor to women entrepreneurs, is going to share her story of triumph and revelation on this episode. Renee knows a thing or two about taking on too much in the name of success, only to feel complete overwhelm and chaos in her personal life.

Do you have too much on your plate, but not sure what you need to do about it? Don’t waste another minute on worry and overwhelm. Go ahead and grab your free copy of Renee’s Life Audit Questionnaire discussed on the episode.

If you’re in the US, text the word ‘Deliberate’ to 31996 or outside of the US, use the link below to get your free copy directly from Renée’s website!

Visit Renée’s website at http://www.ReneeTeller.com

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A book I mention on the podcast is one of my favorites! Check out "You are a Badass" by Jean Sincero!

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