Episode 10 – What does it really mean to be grateful? – with Monika Marczuk

What does it actually mean to be grateful, or to practice gratitude? Today’s episode is going to feel and sound a little different. We’re going to tackle the art of being grateful, or in other words, practicing gratitude. You might have heard of this type of deliberate way of thinking in a spiritual context, but have you ever considered it from a business standpoint, or what it can do for your body on cellular level? To help us understand it all, today I’m chatting with Monika Marczuk, a Certified Body Talk Practitioner, Reiki Master and the Founder of Sprouting Tree Wellness, which offers professional holistic services.

Monika will guide us to a foundational definition of what it means to practice gratitude, and she’ll give us a sense of how daily gratitude can impact your health, your body, your relationships and your business. She’ll even give us some tips and tricks on how to get started with gratitude.

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“The Five-Minute Journal: A Happier You in Five Minutes a Day”

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