Episode 011 – You CAN do it, so just DO it! – with Jeremy Redman

This episode is all about excuse-busting when it comes to making that leap from wanna-be entrepreneur, to actually forging ahead and getting it done. My guest this week is going to get you pumped to ABD, always be doing. Jeremy Redman is the Founder of Air Five and Not Boring Business based in Los Angeles and has recently launched an awesome new product called Business in a Box.

Jeremy is the epitome of what young entrepreneurship is all about: a delicate blend of taking risks backed by smart decisions and surrounding oneself with great, like-minded people with talent that differs from your own. I don’t care if you’re 7 or 77, Jeremy can teach you a thing or two about busting out of your excuses and actually doing that thing you SAY you want to do.

If you’ve EVER had an idea for a business, but you’ve held yourself back from actually following through, OR if you’ve tried to get your idea off the ground but you’ve hit some roadblocks either in the form of finances or tech, you’re gonna want to soak up every word of this interview with Jeremy Redman.

To find out more about Jeremy Redman, visit notboringbusiness.com or email him at jeremy@notboringbusiness.com.

Use promo code “raise” to get a $1500 discount off of Business in a Box, the solution Jeremy talks about on the show.

Just do it!! ;)

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