Episode 21 – Living the ‘and life’ – Can We Have It All? – with Colleen Hauk

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Episode 21 – Living the ‘and life’ – Can We Have It All? – with Colleen Hauk

As entrepreneurs, do you ever feel like your business life and your personal life are constantly in competition with one another? Have you struggled with trying to balance the two, or with finding an appropriate counter-balance?

My guest this week is Colleen Hauk, a certified professional success coach, speaker, trainer and co-author of the book Women Who Ignite. Just a few years ago, Colleen found herself in this all-too-common bind. A working mom of three with a professional career, Colleen felt her personal relationships with her husband and family became strained and she felt like she had to make a choice between her family and her career. Colleen shares with us her breaking point story, and how she came to the realization that she didn’t have to choose, that she could live the “and life” (her own coined term) and be successful at both.

In this episode, find out how to live the “and life”, what it means, and what Colleen did to turn her relationships and her career completely around.

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