Episode 26 - The ‘Conscious Rockstar’: Using Intuitive Decision-Making to Connect with Your Purpose - with Kate Neligan

We hear a lot about being present in the moment as a catch phrase, but do we really know how to achieve this?

With our fast-paced life-style and never-ending to-do lists, taking the time to really get clear on our goals, our life’s purpose, build great relationships…it can be kind of overwhelming.

My guest this week is an Equine-Assisted Life and Business Coach, author and speaker. Kate Neligan is the Founder of SynergyTV and well as the YouTube channel Conscious Rockstar. After more than a decade in the corporate entertainment industry helping to market and produce horror films, Kate went from aethesist to spiritual warrior, and from a corporate VP to a fulfilled entrepreneur.

With a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology, Kate is based out of Colorado and offers a unique blend of life and career coaching to help you connect with what she calls your own Conscious Rockstar!

Kate is a bestselling author and her story can be found in the books “Women Will Save the World” and “The Power of Being A Woman.” She is also a motivational speaker with a TEDx talk on “The Pursuit of Perfection.” She is also the creator of Synergy TV, an inspirational online channel that uplifts humanity one video at a time.   

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