Episode 37 – A ‘Fiercely Free’ Morning Routine – With Sean and Liz Fagan

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We know that as entrepreneurs, having an efficient morning routine can be the key to higher productivity throughout the day. But with the proliferation of literature and research on the topic, it can be overwhelming when you’re trying to find the right morning routine for YOU.

This week we tackle part 2 of our series on morning routines with a completely different perspective from last week. We chat with Sean and Liz Fagan, founders of The Fiercely Free Life. This married couple share their hard-core morning routines with us and how they manage to stay consistent with them.

Some timestamps to help you review key topics:

-          19:12 Liz’s current morning routine

-          22:12 Sean’s current morning routine

-          24:20 Sean explaining the 5 X 5 X 5 method

-          28:14 Sean on how he stays consistent with his morning routine

-          31:19 Liz on how she stays consistent with her morning routine

-          34:47 Sean on how to get started with your own morning routine

-          38:04 Liz on how to get started with your own morning routine

-          40:59 The impact of morning routines on business and life for Sean

-          44:27 The impact of morning routines on business and life for Liz

-          46:26 The bottom line from Sean

-          48:57 Liz’s challenge to listeners

Sean's Bio: 

Sean is a Freedom Business coach, digital marketer, and professional Muay Thai fighter. Originally from New Paltz, NY, Sean is now residing in Koh Phangan with his wife Liz and dog Suay where their days consist of training Muay Thai, practicing yoga and working on their new business, The Fiercely Free Life. After years of experience as an entrepreneur and online business owner, Sean's mission now is to help others create their own Fiercely Free Life by creating, scaling and automating a Freedom Business that lights their soul on fire. You can find out more about Sean at www.fiercelyfree.life/sean

Liz's Bio:

Liz Fagan is Co-Creator of The Fiercely Free Life, world traveler and passionate yoga teacher who has practiced and taught in Costa Rica, Thailand, Greece and New York. Currently living in Thailand, she makes her living as a full-time yoga teacher, but has recently moved into the coaching sphere where she is now deeply immersed in helping ambitious people build supreme confidence and create a lifestyle of complete freedom through the power of yoga and mindfulness. You can learn more about Liz and her mission at www.fiercelyfree.life/liz.

Books Sean mentioned in the episode:

The 4-Hour Workweek

The Miracle Morning

The Power of Habit

Eat that Frog


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