Episode 23 – Making Business and Personal Changes while Dealing with Shiny Object Syndrome

I’m back in the studio with a solo episode this week, because, well, back in Episode 12 I promised to report back to you on how I was doing with some of the changes I wanted to implement in my life, both business and personal. I gave myself a three-month deadline to start making the changes and getting some traction in those areas. So, how did I do? Listen to this full episode to find out!

Episode 22 - Expand Your Brand and Influence with Your Own Book! – with Daria Anne DiGiovanni

Do you ever find yourself daydreaming about writing your own book? A book that somehow allows you to demonstrate your skill sets related to your area of expertise, that could also establish you as a credible source in your field? Though writing your own book may seem like a tedious or overwhelming task, it doesn’t have to be, and it can actually lead you on the path to expanding your brand and influence, like a catalyst that reaches out to the clients you want to work with.

Episode 20 – Best Tips for Crowdfunding Your Next Project – with Chris Wynn

There are so many online crowdfunding platforms these days, and for anyone considering using a service like this, the task of sifting through the sheer number of them and figuring out which one to use can be totally daunting. On the podcast this week, I chat with Chris Wynn, a Canadian filmmaker who has successfully run crowdfunding campaigns to finance films.

Episode 17 – Do Your Sleep Habits Affect Your Business and Productivity? – with Shawna Rose

As an entrepreneur, whether you’re a parent or not, your sleep habits have a direct impact on your productivity and long-term success. On this week’s episode, I’ll be chatting with Shawna Rose, a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant who often works with families to help them improve their evening and sleep routines.

Episode 14 - How a streamlined workspace affects productivity – with Jennifer Vaaler

On this week’s episode, we’re going to hear from Jennifer Vaaler, a Businesss Productivity and Home Office Strategist. She takes her concept of “coffee shop efficiency” from her barista days, and applies to the office setting, helping entrepreneurs create an efficient space that is functional and inspiring.